How to defend against embezzlement charges

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | White Collar Crimes

Embezzlement charges in Texas are a serious type of criminal charges that can result in a criminal history and serious penalties.

Generally, white collar criminal charges, like fraud charges, involve some type of deception for monetary gain. In Texas, though embezzlement charges involve elements of fraud, they are commonly considered theft charges that commonly allege theft by an employee. The elements of an embezzlement charge include employee theft of cash from an employer; theft of goods or services from an employer; transferring funds from an employer account to the employee’s account; or altering company books to conceal company income from the employer.

Penalties for embezzlement charges in Texas can be harsh and can include long prison sentences and stiff fines. As a result, accused individuals need to be familiar with their criminal defense protections. Defense options can include honest mistake, that the accused individual lacked the necessary intent to deprive the owner of the income or goods or that consent was given by the owner. There are also other options that may be available depending on the circumstances if the accused individual’s criminal defense rights have been violated or they are disputing the facts as alleged by authorities.

Any type of criminal charges, including embezzlement and other white collar criminal charges, can have a lasting impact on the accused individual and can negatively impact them professionally and personally. As a result, it is necessary for accused individuals to know how to respond to the criminal charges they are facing in Texas.