Four men in Texas face healthcare fraud charges

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Medicare / Healthcare Fraud

Four men in Texas have been accused of healthcare fraud totaling $150 million. The four men have been charged with conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering; aiding and abetting; obstruction of justice; and conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks.

The men are accused of bribing doctors to certify that their patients qualified for services when the patients did not actually qualify for those services. They are also accused of bribing the doctors to refer patients. It is also alleged that the men kept patients in hospice care for extended periods of time to drive up Medicare revenues. Two of the men managed a health care group, which was a collection of businesses owned by one of the other men. The fourth man worked as the medical director of the company’s affiliates. The men have responded to the accusations by saying that the doctors were the ones who made the decisions that determined what type of care the patients received.

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