What are Fraud Charges?

What Are Fraud Charges?

One thing that Texans accused of committing fraud should understand is that fraud charges are serious criminal charges which can result in serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals. That is why also understanding fraud defense options is so important for accused individuals to be familiar with.

Accused individuals facing criminal charges should also be familiar with their criminal defense rights to help protect them against potential incarceration, fines and other possible penalties as well. Fraud refers to intentional deception for monetary gain. When an accused individual is facing fraud charges, they may be facing accusations of purposefully misrepresenting a material fact; with knowledge that the fact was false; to someone who justifiably relied on the misrepresentation; and that person suffers actual loss as a result of the alleged misrepresentation.

Types Of Fraud

Different types of fraud accused individuals can be charged with can include insurance fraud; mail fraud; wire fraud; identify theft; credit card or debit card fraud; telemarketing fraud; securities fraud; bankruptcy fraud; and tax evasion charges. Accused individuals have the right to defend against the charges they are facing, including fraud charges and other criminal charges.

What You Should Know

It is of tremendous value for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense rights and how they can assert them which can include challenging the charges they are facing on the basis of the alleged facts or conduct of police. Being familiar with criminal defense options may, depending on the circumstances, be able to help the accused individual avoid incarceration and protect their freedom and future.

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