Do you know how insurance agents spot potential fraud?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | White Collar Crimes

Should you ever find yourself involved in an auto accident or suffer an injury, you could consider committing insurance fraud. What are the chances of your insurance agent spotting your misdeed?

HowStuffWorks lists ways agents identify potential insurance fraud. Understand the resources that insurance companies have at their disposal for spotting and punishing fraud.

Past claims 

Past actions are a good indicator of future actions. For that reason, insurance agents look back to see how many claims and losses a policyholder has, using that as a barometer of whether future claims could prove fraudulent. When you file a claim, you may not even know that your insurance agent looks at your claims history before deciding whether to honor your claim, but you may be in for a surprise if your agent does not like what she or he sees.

Suspicious loss indicators list

Another secret that insurance companies keep close is the existence of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The bureau has a list of “suspicious loss indicators” that help agents identify potential fraud. For instance, a person submitting a massive claim who comes across as unbothered could be an indication that something is not quite right with the situation. Did you bump up your home, auto or health insurance in the months before submitting a claim? Agents may view such activities as suspicious.

Private investigators 

When policyholders submit a claim, insurance companies may employ a private investigator to look into the claim to ensure its legitimacy. Investigators conduct their own research, and it is not unusual for them to interview witnesses.

Think twice before committing fraud on future insurance claims. The smallest intentional misconduct may bring criminal charges raining down.