Fixing your professional reputation after losing credibility

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Criminal conduct in a professional setting can jeopardize your licensure. This outcome could have dramatic, career-ending repercussions.

Once you pay the consequences for your actions, you may wonder if you have the chance of working again. Rebuilding trust and fixing your reputation is a great start.

Strategize your comeback

Even if you only spent minimal time incarcerated, the damage to your reputation is often immediate and substantial. Working your way back to a professional setting will take time and careful planning. According to Entrepreneur, you will benefit from using caution as you reengage on social media platforms. Use extra thought in deciding what to post or share, as well as how to present your content.

Make realistic goals and focus on the areas of your life that you can control. Take ownership of your actions and issue a sincere apology to anyone who may have felt the impact of your choices. Recognize that not everyone will change their opinion of you. However, you can continue to live your life responsibly and with integrity. Eventually, people may start to notice that you have made a serious turnaround.

Explore your options

More than likely, you will not have a chance at returning to your former job. At least not for some time while you gradually reestablish your credibility. Meanwhile, look around for alternative jobs that will give you the opportunity to experience working again. Assess your skills and look for transferrable competencies. Just because you cannot pick up where you left off does not mean the end to a successful future.

Working with an attorney on your case may help you minimize the collateral effects of your situation. As you distance yourself from your criminal convictions, you may find opportunities to prove your potential beginning to reappear.