Those serving in public office have a vital role to play in fostering an effective government. They should make decisions solely based on the facts of a situation and their own personal judgment. Sadly, this is not always the case. Improper influence on these officials may take the form of bribes. According to Texas state law, it is illegal to either offer a bribe to a public official or for people serving in this role to accept.

A Frisco bribery lawyer can help you fight back against an allegation that you participated in a bribery scheme. This includes evaluating the evidence that a prosecutor intends to bring to trial, challenging the admissibility of police work that led to an arrest, and making cogent arguments before juries that aim to create reasonable doubt concerning the case. Get in touch with a skilled fraud attorney at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. to get started.

State Law Prohibits Bribery of any Public Official

The purpose of the state penal code’s bribery laws is to ensure that public officials can do their job free from undue influence. More specifically, these laws make it a crime to offer any benefit to a public official with the intent that this offer will impact the official’s job in any way.

According to Texas Penal Code § 36.02, a person may commit bribery by offering, conferring, or agreeing to confer on another a benefit in exchange for:

  • A recipient’s opinion, decision, recommendation, or vote in their role as a public official, party official, or voter, or
  • A recipient’s decision, vote, recommendation, or exercise of their role as an official in a judicial hearing or administrative proceeding

At the same time, it is also illegal to accept such payments or gifts when serving in these roles. As a result, two or more people may face a bribery charge related to the same activity, whether they were offering a bribe or in a position to accept one. A knowledgeable Frisco bribery attorney at our firm can provide more information about these laws and how they could affect people facing bribery allegations.

The Possible Consequences of a Bribery Conviction

With the potential impact that an instance of bribery can have on all citizens in the Frisco area, Texas state law treats these allegations as serious matters. Under the bribery statute, all convictions for bribery are felonies of the second degree. This means that a case can bring a prison sentence of between two and twenty years in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. However, if a person has a previous felony conviction, the charge will upgrade to a felony of the first degree that can bring a maximum penalty of 99 years in prison.

It is vital that people facing these charges give themselves the best chance of success. This could include allowing a bribery lawyer in Frisco to evaluate the prosecutor’s case, challenge the admissibility of evidence, and prepare defenses that help to show a jury that there is reasonable doubt concerning the offering or acceptance of a bribe.

Contact a Frisco Bribery Attorney Today

Arrests that lead to bribery charges are always serious matters. A court will always treat these cases as felonies where convictions can bring multiple-year prison sentences. It is essential that you give yourself every possible advantage moving forward.

A Frisco bribery lawyer can provide this help. Whether you are facing charges related to offering a bribe or must defend yourself against accusations of accepting an improper payment, they are ready to provide the best possible defense. Reach out to the tenacious defense attorneys at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. now to explore your options.

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