While we consider embezzlement to be a white-collar crime—in other words, a crime involving money—it is still a serious allegation under the state’s criminal laws. You may be surprised to learn that what normally may be considered a traditional theft charge is considered embezzlement if you have been accused of stealing from a company or other party of trust.

Texas’ laws go to great effort to punish people convicted of theft, and convictions here can carry mandatory minimum sentences. People facing these charges need representation that can protect their rights. A Frisco embezzlement lawyer works tirelessly to defend those accused of this crime. At Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., our skilled fraud attorneys’ goal is to protect your constitutional rights while discrediting the prosecutor’s case.

How Does State Law Deal with an Embezzlement Charge?

In short, embezzlement is when a person is accused of taking money inappropriately when that money has been placed under their control. This commonly occurs in a business setting. For example, a worker may be allowed to use a company vehicle to travel to and from job sites; however, if this worker uses the vehicle to run their own errands, they could face legal consequences. Defenses to these allegations can include showing that the alleged embezzlement was specifically permitted by company policy or that the embezzlement was a misunderstanding concerning the use of funds.

Embezzlement as a crime is considered a version of theft, as the concepts are interchangeable under the state of Texas’ penal code. Therefore, if a person faces accusations involving embezzlement, the possible penalties will vary based upon the value of the property allegedly stolen. Under Texas Penal Code §31.03, theft of property is a Class C Misdemeanor if the value of the item taken is under $100. As the value of the property rises, so too do the possible penalties. For instance, the embezzlement of items with a value of between $150,000 and $300,000 is a felony of the second degree. A Frisco embezzlement attorney could provide more information about the state’s theft laws and how they apply to an individual’s case.

Forming Specialized Defenses Against Embezzlement Accusations

Embezzlement is a form of theft under state law. Because of this, prosecutors need only to show that a defendant took the property of another without the owner’s permission. In instances involving alleged embezzlement, a defense could revolve around the owner’s allowing of a defendant to take control over the property. Powerful evidence in these cases could include:

  • Emails and text communications
  • Documents describing the scope of a defendant’s employment
  • Agreements between parties that describe how a financial advisor or other planner has the right to use client funds

A proactive embezzlement lawyer in Frisco works to uncover the evidence needed to help people build powerful defenses against these serious accusations.

Let a Frisco Embezzlement Attorney Work to Defend Your Rights

Texas state law treats an allegation of embezzlement in much the same way as any other theft case. Even so, the nature of the alleged theft, namely the placing of property into the hands of another for a specific purpose, can greatly influence the defenses available against these charges. It is critical to understand the law and obtain the information needed to pursue a proper defense.

Talking with a Frisco embezzlement lawyer is first step in the right direction. The diligent attorneys at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. stand ready to protect your rights and offer a convincing defense during all court sessions. Don’t take any unnecessary chances. Contact us today.

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