There are several types of consequences that can come with a sex offense conviction. These charges are generally felonies, meaning that you could spend years in prison and face costly fines. While these penalties will eventually come to an end, other consequences will last forever. One of those permanent consequences is mandatory registration as a sex offender.

If you are convicted of a sex offense, you are required to complete a sex offender registration in Frisco. As a registered sex offender, you must notify the state of your residence at all times while staying away from certain locations and people. A dedicated sex offense attorney at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. can help you fight back against placement on the registry.

How Does the Registry Work?

The sex offender registry is overseen by the Texas Department of Public Safety, or DPS. This registry serves as a master list of everyone that has been convicted of qualifying sexually based offenses in the state.

The registry collects an array of information on individuals who have been convicted of sex crimes. This includes basic information like their name, age, physical description, and date of birth. It also includes their home address, their photo, and details regarding their conviction.

Finally, the registry also includes a person’s risk level. Under the law, there are three risk levels: low, moderate, and high. Low risk means a person is unlikely to commit another sex crime. Moderate risk covers those who could continue to commit these offenses. Anyone that poses a high threat to commit a sex offense is labeled a high-risk offender.

Who Must Register as a Sex Offender?

Registration is required for anyone that is convicted of specific sex offenses. This means that any person with a conviction or an adjudication for a qualifying sex offense is required by law to register. The same is true for any person who is granted parole or probation on the condition they register as a sex offender. If a person is convicted of a sex crime in another state, DPS will make the determination if they need to register in Texas.

The amount of time a person spends on the registry will depend on the crime they are convicted of. Serious offenders will spend the rest of their lives on the registry. Lesser offenses might not result in a lifelong requirement, but those individuals could be forced to register for ten years or more.

What Are the Limitations on Registered Sex Offenders?

There are strict limitations on a person’s freedom when they are a registered sex offender. Their ability to travel or relocate their home is restricted, and changes require notification.

There are also limits on where a sex offender can live. They may not reside within a certain proximity of schools, for example. This also limits their options when it comes to employment or participation in community events. Offenders who used the internet to commit their crimes could even be barred from online access.

Talk to an Attorney About Avoiding the Sex Offender Registry in Frisco

If you are facing the prospect of registering as a sex offender, it is vital that you seek legal counsel right away. This requirement is more than an inconvenience—it could reshape your life forever.

You have the right to fight back against a conviction for a sex offense. Talk to a committed attorney at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. today about how you can avoid sex offender registration in Frisco.

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