Criminal offenses related to controlled substances make up a large portion of arrests in McKinney. From possessing these substances to manufacturing them, the penalties that stem from a drug conviction are often life changing. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can help you avoid those penalties.

The state aggressively pursues most drug-related criminal charges. This could include not only seeking steep penalties for a conviction but also pursuing charges when they might not be warranted. In these cases, the guidance of a committed McKinney drug lawyer from the Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. could be powerful.

Types of Drug Offenses in McKinney

Not all drug charges are the same under Texas state law. While the consequences that come with any drug-related conviction can be severe, some charges carry steeper penalties than others. A McKinney attorney could assist with defending against any drug charge, including:

Drug Possession

The most common drug offense is known as possession of a controlled substance. This offense involves unlawfully possessing any substance that is controlled by the state and federal government. This could include narcotics, but the charge also applies to possessing prescription medication without authorization.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Possession of drug paraphernalia does not involve the possession of a controlled substance itself. Instead, this offense is related to possessing items that are used in the consumption of controlled substances. Pipes, syringes, and small plastic bags could all be paraphernalia.

Drug Manufacturing

The offense of drug manufacturing is one of the most serious crimes related to controlled substances. This charge could relate to the chemical reactions needed to manufacture narcotics like methamphetamine. It is also the appropriate charge for growing marijuana.

Drug Trafficking

The term “trafficking” is broad. It applies to a wide range of behavior involved in the drug trade. Trafficking could include transporting, delivering, or selling a controlled substance.

Defenses to These Charges

When it comes to fighting drug charges, there could be various options available to the accused depending on the specific nature of their case. A seasoned drug lawyer in McKinney can review the allegations and determine the best defense approach given a particular person’s circumstances.

One of the key defense strategies in many drug cases involves the constitutional rights of the accused. The state is limited in its ability to search or seize the property of citizens. If they violated the law and unlawfully searched or seized property from the accused, that evidence could be barred from trial.

In addition to constitutional violations, another strong defense involves holding the prosecution to their burden of proof. The state must show beyond a reasonable doubt that a drug offense was committed. If they fail to meet this burden, an acquittal is required. A determined legal professional can make the case that all of the evidence presented by the state is not enough to secure a conviction.

Let a McKinney Drug Attorney Help You Defend Your Rights

If you are facing drug charges, your freedom could be at stake. The consequences that can come with a conviction are significant, and the impacts of a drug offense on your criminal record could last forever.

A tenacious McKinney drug lawyer can help you defend your rights at this crucial time. Reach out to Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. today to get started.

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