The offense of bribery forbids offering or receiving money or other benefit in exchange for a judicial decision, political vote, or other official decision. These are serious offenses and even the accusation of bribery can destroy your reputation. It is crucial that you defend your case, no matter the circumstances. An effective defense may result in dismissal of the charges or a reduction in the penalties you face.

If you have been charged with bribery, let a skilled Plano bribery lawyer create a defense on your behalf. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys know how to investigate and prepare a customized defense for you.

What is Bribery?

Texas Statutes § 36.02 states that bribery occurs when a person intentionally or knowingly offers some benefit to a public servant in an exchange for a violation of their duty or an exercise of some particular discretion. This is a serious offense that is typically charged as a second-degree felony.

If charged as a second-degree felony, bribery charges carry significant potential penalties. The convicted person could face between two years or up to twenty years in prison. They could also face a maximum possible fine of up to $10,000.

Acts that May Constitute Bribery

Many different acts could result in a bribery charge, but certain acts are a common basis for this felony offense. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Offering a police officer money, goods, or services to get out of an arrest
  • Offering an item of value to a city council member for them to vote a certain way
  • Illegal kickbacks to or from a public official
  • Improper influence over a public official’s decisions

An act of bribery can be committed by both the person offering the bribe, and the person accepting it. Both are criminal offenses that may qualify for this felony charge. It is essential that any person charged with bribery work with an aggressive legal team in Plano to fight against the prosecutor’s accusations.

Bribery and Similar Offenses

Many offenses are similar to bribery and may be charged instead. These offenses may be either felony or misdemeanor offenses depending on the circumstances of the case. A qualified attorney in Plano understands how to defend the different bribery charges.

Coercion of a Public Servant or Voter

This happens when a person uses covert or overt threats against a public servant or voter to convince them to act in their favor.

Improper Influence

This offense occurs when a person privately communicates with a judge or person overseeing an administrative hearing in an attempt to influence the outcome.

Obstruction or Retaliation

These offenses happen when a person harms or threatens to harm another because of their status as an informant, public servant, or witness.

Tampering with a Witness

A person may be charged with this offense when they pay a witness to testify falsely, fail to appear in court, or drop their charges against them.

Contact a Bribery Defense Attorney in Plano

A bribery charge is serious and requires a strong criminal defense. You face the possibility of decades in prison and thousands in fines. This is a serious situation, and you need legal assistance to help you.

Let an experienced Plano bribery lawyer put their knowledge to work in your case. Contact Barbieri Law Firm today.

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