Parents and legal guardians have a duty to care for their children. Caretakers, such as teachers and daycare providers, also have a duty to protect the kids that they care for.

If you suspect that you are under investigation or have been arrested for child endangerment, you need to immediately reach out to an understanding domestic violence attorney. A skilled Plano child endangerment lawyer could help you avoid suffering the harsh consequences of a criminal conviction and protect your legal rights.

Explaining Child Endangerment and Abandonment

A caretaker or parent could face criminal endangerment charges any time a child is abandoned or put into a situation where they might suffer harm. According to Texas Penal Code Section 22.041(c), individuals might face criminal charges if they knowingly, recklessly, or negligently do something to place a child under 15 at risk of imminent danger. Under state law, a person could also face criminal charges for leaving their child alone if another reasonable adult would not leave a child of that age and ability.

The consequences of a child endangerment conviction can be dire. In addition to facing fines and prison sentences, a parent could also lose custody. Because the penalties for child endangerment are so harsh, it is critical that an individual reaches out to a lawyer in Plano as soon as possible to defend themselves and their future.

Common Reasons for Child Endangerment Charges

Accusations of child endangerment most commonly occur in the following situations:

  • A parent leaves their child at home unattended for long periods
  • A guardian or caretaker leaves a child in a car while running errands
  • Driving while under the influence with a child in the car
  • Physical abuse of a minor child
  • Sexual abuse of a minor child
  • Mental or verbal abuse of a minor child
  • Parent uses, sells, or manufactures illicit drugs in the presence of their child
  • Child tests positive for illegal drugs after being in the guardian’s care

Unfortunately, situations arise every day where the judgment of parents and caretakers is questioned. Sometimes, simple errors are made, and all it takes is a few phone calls from a knowledgeable Plano attorney to straighten out the misunderstandings. Other times, parents and caretakers face criminal charges that can have long-term, lasting consequences.

The Importance of Having a Lawyer

To protect themselves, a Plano parent should reach out to a practiced attorney at the first hint of a child endangerment or abandonment investigation. With a legal representative’s experience and working relationship with area prosecutors, they can determine what evidence the prosecution has against a parent and fight any accusations before charges can be filed. If the prosecution does charge a parent, the Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., team could work diligently to mitigate those charges and minimize the penalties that a parent is facing.

Put Your Trust into a Plano Child Endangerment Attorney Today

The consequences of even an accusation of child endangerment can leave a permanent reputation on your social and professional life. If you are facing charges, you should reach out to a Plano child endangerment lawyer to discuss your legal options as soon as possible.

Our understanding and hardworking legal team could work to straighten out the situation and protect your children and your future, liberties, and reputation. Reach out today to discuss your case.

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