Being accused of committing a sexual assault or related offense when you know you did nothing wrong can be a uniquely unsettling experience. On top of that, it is also one with extremely high stakes, since even if you are not convicted, the professional and social stigma of the allegation against you may persist for years afterwards.

Defending against false Plano sex crime allegations effectively is a complex and labor-intensive process that almost always necessitates help from seasoned legal counsel. By retaining and working closely with an experienced sex crime defense attorney at the Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., you can greatly improve your chances of getting through this situation in the most proactive way possible.

Understanding the Nature of a Specific Accusation

Every situation that leads to someone being accused of a sex crime is unique, and that means the optimal defense strategy for a defendant who finds themselves in this type of situation must be unique as well. Even if the allegation itself is completely untrue, it is important to first understand the specific elements of the crime at the center of the accusation. To name just one example, establishing that an allegedly non-consensual sexual encounter was actually consensual would be pointless if the person making the false accusation is under 14 years old, since no minor child under that age can consent to sex under any circumstances.

It can also be key to establish a likely reason why a false sex crime allegation in Plano was made in the first place and then structure a defense against it accordingly. For instance, if the person making the accusation is a former spouse who has provably lied to police, physicians, or Child Protective Services in the past, that could be vital information to incorporate into a defense strategy against new allegations of sexual impropriety.

Resolving Out-Of-Court Consequences of Sex Crime Allegations

When dealing with false sex crime accusations in Plano or anywhere else in Texas, it can be crucial to consider both the legal and personal repercussions the allegation can have. After addressing the former through a comprehensive criminal defense strategy, there are numerous civil remedies that may help minimize the latter, all of which qualified legal counsel can explain in more detail as needed.

If someone makes a false sex crime accusation in an express attempt to damage the targeted person’s public reputation, the falsely accused party may have grounds to file suit for defamation of slander, and specifically for either libel or slander depending on whether the allegations were in writing or said aloud. It may also or alternatively be possible to file suit for malicious prosecution, but only in situations where there is evidence showing intentional and wrongful purpose behind an accusation—for instance, knowingly having an alleged expert give negligent testimony in court.

A Plano Attorney Can Help Defend Against False Sex Crime Allegations

Being accused of a crime you never committed can be frightening under any circumstances, but especially if your alleged criminal offense involves sexual misconduct of any kind. In situations like this, guidance from a dedicated legal professional may be all that stands between you and a devastating case outcome that causes irreplaceable damage to your freedom and future prospects.

If you need help defending against false Plano sex crime allegations, contacting a knowledgeable defense attorney should be your top priority. Call Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. today for a confidential consultation.

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