People accused of lewd conduct, or public indecency, in Plano are accused of acting in an obscene or offensive sexual way in public. At Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., our sex crimes attorneys understand that there are plenty of gray areas in this legal definition that could have resulted in you being wrongfully charged for the crime. It is our Plano lewd conduct lawyer’s goal to ensure your rights are respected and upheld throughout the criminal process.

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Key Details of Lewd Conduct Charges

Any sort of sex crime charge in Texas can bring heavy consequences upon conviction. Most are high-level misdemeanors or felonies, and nearly all can include sex offender registration in sentencing requirements.

Lewd conduct and public indecency charges are no exception. In order to better protect your rights from such a charge, it helps to know about the accusation itself.

Texas Penal Code Section 43.21 includes multiple important definitions when describing obscenity or lewd conduct, including:

  • Obscenity: An action, presentation, or material that “the average person” would find offensive and lacking any artistic value.
  • Display: Making the observation of an obscene act possible through any means, such as personal presentation, sharing digital files, playing audio, etc.
  • Promote: Attempting to make the audience of the performance enjoy or agree with the act being displayed. Distribution efforts, like emailing images of sexual acts, are also considered promotion.

When the law is looked at as a whole, it is apparent that the definitions have been kept vague for a reason. As an experienced attorney in Plano could affirm, lewd conduct has become somewhat of an umbrella term. Police officers can arrest people for lewd conduct for nearly any reason, as long as the suspect was acting in some way that could be interpreted as sexual. In turn, prosecutors are able to file more charges based on the vagueness of the crime. It creates a one-sided situation that disfavors the defendant.

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