Sex with a minor, or statutory rape, is strictly illegal in Texas. The crime is defined as someone aged 18 years or more engaging in sexual conduct with someone who is aged 17 years or younger. Consent is not a factor in sex with a minor charge.

Your freedom, finances, and reputation are all on the line when you are accused of statutory rape in Texas. Sex crimes carry such harsh social stigmas and can bring such heavy criminal penalties that you simply cannot leave your case without a sex crimes attorney. Let a Plano sex with a minor lawyer come to your aid.

Three Higher Degrees of Statutory Rape in Plano

Sex with a minor – someone who is not older than 17 years – is always considered a felony in Texas. By definition, a felony can be penalized with at least one year in state prison. Fines up to $10,000 and mandatory sex offender registration also often accompany a statutory rape conviction. The intensity of the penalties will scale based on the severity of the sex with a minor charge, though, which is why it is crucial to have a knowledgeable attorney in Plano on your side.

Factors considered by prosecutors when filing statutory rape charges are:

  • Indecency with child: Sexual activity between someone who is 17 or younger and someone who is 20 or older. The activity cannot include sexual penetration.
  • Sexual assault against a minor: Sexual penetration involving someone who is 16 or younger and someone who is 19 or older.
  • Aggravated sexual assault against a minor: Sexual penetration between someone who is 14 or younger and another person. This crime is a first-degree felony that can be penalized with a life sentence of 99 years.

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Whenever someone is charged with sex with a minor, it is a delicate legal situation. The knowledge, experience, and carefulness of our Plano sex with a minor lawyers play integral roles in creating a valid defense that considers all possible angles. Not only do we aim to secure a not-guilty verdict or case dismissal, but we also want to be so thorough in your defense that your reputation is left fully intact. Call to learn more about our defense strategies during a case review.

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