In Texas, the term “sex crime” covers a variety of criminal offenses involving alleged sexual misconduct, including not only violent offenses like sexual assault but also offenses that are often non-violent in nature like:

  • Statutory rape
  • Indecency with a child
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Public lewdness
  • Invasive video recording

Each of these charges has different component parts defined under state law, which means every ensuing criminal case will work a little bit differently.

That said, there are some broad similarities between most cases of this nature that can be helpful to know about in advance before beginning to build your defense strategy. If you have questions about what to expect from Plano sex crime cases, speaking with a qualified sex crime defense attorney can be vital to proactively pursuing a positive final case result.

Stages of a Sex Crime Investigation in Plano

When someone accuses another person of a sex offense in Plano, the accused individual can generally expect law enforcement authorities to go through a lengthy and in-depth investigation before formally charging them with a crime. The specific procedures and types of evidence involved in an investigation can vary substantially from case to case—for example, electronic records from computers and personal communication devices may be a central piece of an investigation into alleged child pornography possession, while forensic and biological evidence may be more important to a sexual assault case.

In virtually every situation, though, law enforcement will conduct several interviews with the complainant—if the alleged offense directly caused them harm—and the person accused of unlawful conduct. These interviews are meant to establish each party’s side of the story and look for inconsistencies between them, and they are often structured so that prospective defendants are more likely to inadvertently incriminate themselves. Because of that, it is absolutely crucial to seek legal representation as early as possible in the investigative process, regardless of how likely it seems that the investigation will lead to criminal charges being filed.

What Happens After an Arrest for a Sex Offense?

If an investigation turns up enough evidence for law enforcement to believe a crime occurred, they will arrest and detain the accused individual at least briefly for booking and questioning. Once again, it is vital for an arrested person to enforce their right to have legal counsel present during this questioning, and it is by no means an implicit or explicit admission of guilt to request representation after an arrest.

Generally, within 48 hours of arrest, an arrested individual will need to appear for arraignment, where they will hear the charges filed against them, enter a plea, and potentially have bail set for them. Various additional pre-trial hearings will happen over the following weeks and months, during which a seasoned defense lawyer can potentially negotiate a plea bargain or, barring that, assist with building a strong defense.

A Plano Attorney Can Explain What to Expect from Sex Crime Cases

Sex crime allegations are extremely serious matters, and you should think twice before trying to handle one without help from legal representation. On top of giving you custom-tailored guidance and support throughout every stage of your claim, a knowledgeable legal professional can also ensure you know exactly what to expect from Plano sex crime cases in general, as well as from your case specifically.

A private conversation with a tenacious sex crime defense attorney at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. can give you the clarity you need to protect your rights more effectively. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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