With a high number of colleges and universities in the area, students should know their rights when dealing with legal troubles. Facing accusations or criminal charges can be stressful, whether on the university campus or in a court of law.

For students defending themselves against charges without the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, the consequences can be severe and life-altering. If you are facing misconduct charges on campus, a Plano student defense lawyer could investigate and represent your case.

Student Misconduct Hearings

Misconduct hearings on school campuses are dramatically different from civil and criminal cases handled in a court of law. Colleges and universities use student misconduct hearings to conduct their own investigatory boards and then discipline students as necessary. Penalties generally include citations, suspension, or in the worst cases, expulsion.

Universities have control over these hearings, and they do not have to follow the rules that a state court does. Unfortunately, they could violate a student’s rights, because they do not have a statute to adhere to. A well-versed Plano lawyer understands how these hearings work, could build a student’s defense, and help explain the student’s rights and responsibilities.

Possible Student Crime Allegations

Students may face convictions or allegations for any charges while on or off-campus. However, some of the more commonly seen charges include DUIs, drug possession, sexual assault, assault and battery, theft, possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor, and criminal mischief.

These are all serious charges and have the potential to carry severe penalties. However, a dedicated attorney in Plano could fight to potentially minimize the penalties against a student and defend their future.

Consequences of a Guilty Conviction in Plano

Each school has its policies, but most criminal convictions do not typically affect the student’s enrollment unless they face conviction for sexual assault. Depending on the circumstances, a sexual assault conviction could lead to the students’ immediate expulsion.

Plano Student Code of Conduct

Texas Education Code § 37.001 states that an independent school district and the district-level committee must adopt a student code of conduct. They also must display the code of conduct at each campus or make it available for review at the campus office. The code must include the following:

  • Specific circumstances that the disciplinary committee could remove a student from campus
  • Conditions that could authorize school leadership to require a student to complete a disciplinary program
  • Conditions that could lead to the suspension of a student
  • Guidelines for the length of term for possible suspensions
  • Notification of parents’ policy after disciplinary action
  • Address bullying and harassment
  • Address weapons including firearms, knives, et cetera

A knowledgeable defense lawyer could review the code of conduct and answer any questions an individual might have.

Consult a Plano Student Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction or code of conduct violation could cause you to miss advanced schooling or job opportunities. It could also lead to expulsion or suspension from your college or university.

When your liberties are at stake, you do not want to take any chances with whom you choose to represent you. Contact an informed and compassionate Plano student defense lawyer today if you face a student code of conduct violation or criminal conviction. An experienced member of our team is standing by to assist you.

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