An individual commits burglary if they illegally enter a building, car, or another person’s house. Unfortunately, when individuals face burglary charges, they also often face charges involving other related crimes, such as breaking and entering and robbery.

A conviction of any burglary charges usually bring jail time, community service obligations, and monetary fines, so meeting with a skilled Plano burglary lawyer as early as possible after an arrest is critical. An early meeting with an experienced theft attorney could allow our team to develop a strategy that works toward the best possible outcome for you.

What is Burglary?

Texas Penal Code § 30 dictates in detail burglary offenses under state law. A person commits burglary when they unlawfully enter a property with the intent to commit a crime.

The property an individual unlawfully enters may be a house, apartment, or other place of residence, a place of business that is not open to the public at the time of the crime, or a vehicle. Regardless of the place the individual enters, they may face harsh penalties upon their arrest.

People facing burglary charges are generally also accused of having the intent to commit another crime, such as theft or assault. A client-centered lawyer in Plano understands how damaging a burglary conviction can be and can work tirelessly to protect a defendant’s freedom.

Possible Strategies to Help Burglary Defendants in Plano

Seasoned legal counsel can carefully examine every element of a person’s charge to devise a comprehensive defense strategy. Some common defenses for burglary charges can include:

Lack of Criminal Intent

At times, the accused never had the intent to commit a crime or to do anything unlawful. Under these circumstances, the individual and their legal counsel could put forward evidence that proves that the accused believed they had the lawful right to enter the property.

Following Due Process

Local attorneys often check to see if the prosecutors and arresting police officers complied with due process and protected the rights of the accused during the arrest. If the prosecutors found evidence either on the defendant’s body, at their residence, or in their vehicle, a legal representative could also review the police report to see if law enforcement complied with the law when they acquired that evidence.

Check for Search Warrants

The police are required to hold a search warrant before entering an individual’s home. In some cases, if the arresting officers do not acquire incriminating evidence through the proper channels, a court may require the evidence seized under those circumstances to be excluded from consideration. Without that incriminating evidence, a prosecutor may reduce or dismiss the charges against a defendant.

Plano’s dedicated lawyers know how to aggressively fight burglary charges and stand up for a defendant’s rights. They also know how to work and negotiate with the local prosecutor’s offices on behalf of accused individuals.

Let a Well-Versed Team of Plano Burglary Attorneys Assist You

If you are facing burglary charges, you may also be facing steep fines and possible prison time. Do not delay getting legal counsel on your side and begin building your defense.

Our Plano burglary lawyers are available to work on your behalf and help get the charges against you dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. Contact Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., today for your consultation.

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