Robbery is thought to be one of the most serious theft-related criminal offenses recognized under Texas state law. The penalties for a conviction are severe, and prosecutors in Plano will aggressively pursue a guilty verdict. A driven theft defense attorney can help you protect your future by avoiding a guilty verdict.

If you are facing robbery charges in Plano, it is important that you seek out legal counsel as soon as possible. The state will not wait when it comes to building a case against you, so any delay in contacting an attorney only hurts your chances of a favorable outcome. Once retained, a Plano robbery lawyer at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. can begin building a compelling defense strategy right away.

Simple vs. Aggravated Robbery

Every robbery charge in Plano falls into one of two categories: simple or aggravated. It is vital to understand these differences, as aggravated robbery carries the steeper maximum penalties of the two. Though, a Plano robbery attorney can assist with defense against either type of charge.

A simple robbery constitutes what many people think of when they hear the term “robbery.” This offense involves the forceful theft of another person’s property. However, simple robberies do not involve any type of weapon.

The same is not true for aggravated robbery. With aggravated robbery, the defendant is accused of using some sort of weapon during the forceful theft. This weapon could be a firearm, but it could also be any other object that could be used to cause physical injury, such as a knife. Aggravated robbery convictions do not require evidence that a weapon was actually used; simply exhibiting a weapon during the course of the robbery is enough to be charged with this crime.

The significant difference between these offenses is the potential penalties. A simple robbery is treated as a second-degree felony under Texas state law. This can lead to a prison term not to exceed 20 years and a fine of up to $10,000. On the other hand, aggravated robbery is a first-degree felony that could bring a prison sentence between five and 99 years.

Viable Defense Strategies for Robbery Charges

An arrest for robbery never guarantees a conviction. With the help of a knowledgeable robbery lawyer in Plano, it may be possible to build a viable defense strategy that leads to the dismissal of all charges.

One of the ways to fight a robbery charge relates to criminal intent. Robbery has an intent element, meaning that a person must have committed the act with the intent to rob the alleged victim. If a person was coerced or so intoxicated that they were unable to form criminal intent, that could form the basis of a defense strategy.

Often, the defense in a robbery case will focus on a lack of evidence. It is the burden of the state to demonstrate—beyond a reasonable doubt—that robbery has been committed. In many cases, the best approach is to highlight the lack of evidence offered by the prosecutor. Other common defense options include claims of mistaken identity. A skilled Plano robbery attorney can carefully review the facts of a case to identify the strongest possible defense strategy.

Talk to a Plano Robbery Attorney Right Away

If you have been charged with robbery, you have the right to defend yourself. This includes your right to select a strong advocate to fight on your behalf.

A Plano robbery lawyer at Barbieri Law Firm, P.C. can fight tirelessly on your behalf to win a favorable outcome in your criminal case. Reach out as soon as possible to learn more and get started.

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