Many people mistakenly believe that law enforcement and prosecutors do not take white-collar crime seriously. On the contrary, the state of Texas prosecutes these crimes aggressively, often out of a desire to make an example of the culprit.

If you face white-collar criminal charges such as fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering, you may incur serious penalties that could affect your professional reputation and your freedom without a dedicated criminal defense attorney.

At Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., our legal team of Plano white-collar crime lawyers can help you overcome charges.

Our History of Defending Individuals

Our Plano team of attorneys has successfully defended clients throughout Plano against white-collar crime charges including:

We Have The Knowledge To Defend You Against Your Charges

Cases involving white-collar crime can be exceedingly complicated. Mounting a successful defense requires an extensive breadth and depth of knowledge regarding business, finances, cyber activity, and criminal law. Our attorneys possess this knowledge in spades and understand how to simplify it into a comprehensive white-collar crime defense that can persuade a Plano judge or jury.

We Can Help You. Contact a Plano White-Collar Crimes Attorney

Do not fight your charges alone. Contact a Plano white-collar crime lawyer as soon as possible to discuss legal representation for your case. Our attorneys are standing by to assist you. Call today.

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