Prostitution & Solicitation Defense

Being accused of either prostitution or solicitation in Texas is a serious situation. In the best-case scenario, you will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor. Certain circumstances will elevate the charge to a first-degree felony, however.

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Understanding The Crimes Of Prostitution And Solicitation

Prostitution and solicitation are similar criminal violations, but they are not identical. In order to defend yourself from your charges, you will want to know the key details of each crime:

  • Prostitution: Offering to engage in a sexual act or conduct for some form of compensation, such as currency or a favor.
  • Solicitation: Offering some form of compensation in exchange for sexual conduct.

The crime of solicitation can also sometimes be extended to people who attempt to market someone else as a prostitute. The law may call this activity pimping, pandering or “managing a prostitution enterprise” instead. Penalties for any of these violations, though, tend to be quite similar.

If you are convicted of prostitution, solicitation or pandering, penalties could include:

Shutting Down Entrapment Efforts

It is not uncommon for law enforcement agencies to try to lure people into paying for prostitution, or into offering sexual favors for money. They call such operations “stings” but our criminal defense attorneys see these efforts for what they really are: entrapment.

It is illegal for the government to try to tempt you into committing a crime. If we can prove you were coerced by an officer of the law, even if they were undercover, then it might be possible to have your case dismissed outright.

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