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I did a ton of research trying to find the best lawyer to help my husband with a wrongful accusation for a white collar crime he was accused of. I thought I found the best attorney out there. I was rather disappointed. I was very fortunate that one day we had to go to the courtroom for a hearing. My attorney didn’t show and finally sent me a note that he was running 45 minutes late. I guess this is typical of a lot of lawyers. While we were waiting, Mrs. Barbieri had a hearing for one of her clients. We were both blown away by her prowess. My husband and I looked at each other with the same thought: ‘should we talk to her to help us.’ I approached her as she was walking out. At first, she was hesitant because we already had an attorney and she wanted to be respectful. But, when our attorney finally showed up, we told him we would no longer need his services. The next morning I called Mrs. Barbieri up and hired her right on the spot.


To say that the Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., is outstanding and remarkable would be a drastic understatement. I had been falsely accused of a very serious crime, and I first entered Heather’s office with anxiety about how I would be able to prove my innocence. She was courteous, professional, pedagogic, and – most importantly – demonstrated an intricate knowledge of the legal system that would eventually help me get my life back. Over the period of time I worked with Heather and her associates, I saw first-hand how valiantly they fight and how dedicated they are to their clients. I truthfully believe the likes of their talent, intellect, and compassion can only be matched by fictional characters. Simply put, Heather’s law firm is phenomenal.

Alex S

This week I hired the dynamic-duo of Mrs. Barbieri. she is so eager to help and fight for me. Thank you lady. Wonderful to see another all-women owned small business that is thriving!


I was in legal trouble for something stupid I got wrapped into. I needed a good attorney. Then that night I was reading on the channel 8 app about a high-profile case Mrs. Barbieri is involved with. I thought I would give her a shot. She has been incredible. She is so smart and really listens to me and has helped me not only with my case but getting my life back on track.


Heather Barbieri is an amazing and even better attorney. Heather is very professional and knows the laws. I went to her in the darkest time of my life. Falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. Heather stood by my side and backed me up through the whole process. She fought for my life as if it was her own. If anyone out there is ever in need of a caring, compassionate, and professional attorney Heather Barbieri is the only one I would ever recommend.


I am being tried for a DUI and Heather has worked hard to fight it and prove my innocence. She has kept me in the loop when I am needed, but work behind the scenes for me also which I love. I know I can trust her to handle all my decisions because she has proven she is there for me and not just a paycheck. I highly recommend Barbieri Law Firm, P.C.

Johnny Russo
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