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What are the rules regarding check forgery?

Texas has strict rules when it comes to writing bad checks. Whether you willfully or accidentally write a check on a bank account with insufficient funds, write a check from a bank where you have no account or sign another person’s name on a check, the penalties are severe.

Writing a bad check is a state jail felony punishable by between 18 and 24 months in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. The conviction stays on your record for five years and affects your ability to get jobs, take out loans and, obviously, open a bank account.

Importance of a strong criminal defense strategy

When any accused Texan is facing criminal charges, a strong criminal defense strategy is paramount. A strong criminal defense strategy can potentially help mitigate some of the possible penalties and consequences the accused individual is facing as a result of the criminal accusations and allegations that led to the charges they are facing.

There are a variety of different types of criminal defense strategies, and the best one depends on the situation and circumstances the accused individual is facing. Some criminal defenses are based on specific affirmative defense, while others may be based on an attack of the alleged evidence or the activities of authorities, if they violated any of the accused individual's rights. There are different methods of approaching a criminal defense strategy that accused individuals should understand.

One surgeon defrauded over 2,500 people

50-year-old Spyros Panos, an ex-orthopedic surgeon, saw dozens of patients a day at his suburban medical group in New York. Over the years, he was billing for surgeries never performed and inflating charges. After being caught, his first criminal scheme shutdown, only to be followed by another: medical insurance fraud. 

Healthcare fraud can lead to major penalties

Healthcare fraud constitutes a serious offense. A case involving the patient medical care and the possibility of negligent doctors may bring significant consequences for convicted physicians.

To avoid any criminal charges, medical employees should take precautionary steps to ensure the safety of their patients and uphold their lifesaving responsibilities. Should a court accuse you of healthcare fraud, contacting an experienced attorney may provide you with the best defense and opportunity to avoid penalties.

White collar criminal charges are serious criminal charges

White collar crimes are a category of crimes that can lead to potentially stiff penalties and consequences which is why being charged with them should not be treated lightly. Preparing a strong criminal defense strategy to Texas white collar criminal charges is essential for accused individuals.

White collar crimes include theft, embezzlement, various types of fraud, identity theft, forgery, internet crimes and money laundering. Many white collar criminal charges relate to accusations of some type of fraud. Embezzlement refers to circumstances when the accused individual is rightfully in possession of property or money, but through some sort of deceit, misappropriates the money or property intending it for personal gain.

What felony level is identity theft in Texas?

Identity theft has become a major issue in today’s world. So, you might not be surprised to hear that Texas has harsh laws against such theft.

Under Texas law, it is a felony offense to use, transfer, possess or obtain the identifying information of another person, without permission, with the intent to defraud or harm someone.

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