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What is considered Medicare fraud?

The consequences of Medicare fraud are serious which is why anyone facing Medicare fraud charges should be familiar with what is considered Medicare fraud. Medicare fraud, as the name suggests, refers to a type of fraud and fraud crimes generally involve allegations of some use of deception for material gain. Accused individuals can face the weight of the criminal justice system and should understand the legal resources available to them.

Medicare fraud involves identity theft and can be alleged when an individual is accused of unlawfully gaining access to a Medicare number or other personal identifying information such as a Social Security number of birth date to gain access to Medicare benefits without the true beneficiary's knowledge or permission to do so. It can occur when a Medicare card is taken and fraudulently used.

Four men in Texas face healthcare fraud charges

Four men in Texas have been accused of healthcare fraud totaling $150 million. The four men have been charged with conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud; conspiracy to commit money laundering; aiding and abetting; obstruction of justice; and conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks.

The men are accused of bribing doctors to certify that their patients qualified for services when the patients did not actually qualify for those services. They are also accused of bribing the doctors to refer patients. It is also alleged that the men kept patients in hospice care for extended periods of time to drive up Medicare revenues. Two of the men managed a health care group, which was a collection of businesses owned by one of the other men. The fourth man worked as the medical director of the company's affiliates. The men have responded to the accusations by saying that the doctors were the ones who made the decisions that determined what type of care the patients received.

Legal protections for white collar crime charges

White collar crimes can be aggressively pursued by authorities in Texas, which is why accused individuals should know what they are up against when they are facing white collar criminal charges. Individuals accused of committing a white collar crime should know what the charges include and also be familiar with the criminal defense options available to protect them.

The criminal justice process can be intimidating but on the other hand, it is equally important for accused individuals to be aware that they also enjoy criminal defense rights as part of that process that can protect them throughout the process. The potential penalties associated with white collar criminal charges can be significant and may result in a criminal record which can impact the accused individual's professional and personal lives but may also result in a potential loss of freedom.

More pharmacists under the microscope for fraud

Working as a Texas pharmacist can be satisfying and rewarding. You provide medication for those who are ill or injured, and you offer important information about the safest and most effective ways to use the prescriptions doctors have ordered. Many people who come to you are dealing with chronic, debilitating pain.

Unfortunately, because of the growing abuse and misuse of the Medicare system, you and your colleagues in the pharmacy industry are under intense scrutiny. You are on the front lines, distributing medication to the public. Without careful attention to the laws and regulation that control these substances, you may find yourself facing criminal charges that could drastically change your life and place your career in jeopardy.

What is insurance fraud?

When an accused individual has been charged with insurance fraud or is facing other fraud charges, they may wonder exactly what they are being accused of. The most basic definition of insurance fraud is when an insured individual has been accused of making a false or exaggerated insurance claim for losses or injuries they allegedly did not suffer.

Insurance fraud refers to a deceptive act designed to obtain an improper insurance payment from an insurer. In general, fraud refers to deceptive or misleading acts that are intended to obtain an unfair benefit for personal gain. The elements of fraud charges authorities must prove include knowingly making a false or misleading statement; the false or misleading statement is made in connection with a claim or payment; and the statement made is material in that it would impact the outcome of the claim.

How to defend against embezzlement charges

Embezzlement charges in Texas are a serious type of criminal charges that can result in a criminal history and serious penalties.

Generally, white collar criminal charges, like fraud charges, involve some type of deception for monetary gain. In Texas, though embezzlement charges involve elements of fraud, they are commonly considered theft charges that commonly allege theft by an employee. The elements of an embezzlement charge include employee theft of cash from an employer; theft of goods or services from an employer; transferring funds from an employer account to the employee's account; or altering company books to conceal company income from the employer.

What to do if facing allegations of Medicare fraud

Being charged with Medicare or other healthcare fraud can be alarming and upsetting to devoted healthcare providers who have spent their lifetimes caring for sick patients and helping to keep them healthy and well. Accusations and allegations of Medicare fraud should not be taken lightly and can result in serious penalties and consequences.

Unfortunately, being accused of Medicare fraud places the accused medical care provider's reputation and career on the line. Because so much is at stake, accused individuals should have a strong criminal defense strategy to protect them. Doing so requires a detailed understanding of healthcare laws in Texas and will also take a look at the facts as alleged by authorities and any witness statements that are allegedly being used against the accused medical care provider.

What are fraud charges?

One thing that Texans accused of committing fraud should understand is that fraud charges are serious criminal charges which can result in serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals. That is why also understanding fraud defense options is so important for accused individuals to be familiar with.

Accused individuals facing criminal charges should also be familiar with their criminal defense rights to help protect them against potential incarceration, fines and other possible penalties as well. Fraud refers to intentional deception for monetary gain. When an accused individual is facing fraud charges, they may be facing accusations of purposefully misrepresenting a material fact; with knowledge that the fact was false; to someone who justifiably relied on the misrepresentation; and that person suffers actual loss as a result of the alleged misrepresentation.

Actions that can lead to prescription drug charges

Prescription drug charges are some of the most serious types of drug charges. Not all drug offenses involve the possession, manufacturing or distribution of illicit drugs. In fact, the misuse of prescription drugs is now one of the most common types of drug charges. 

If you are facing prescription drug charges, you could be dealing with damage to your personal reputation and your career, as well as the potential for time behind bars and other penalties. It's in your interests to work diligently on a defense strategy that will allow you to effectively confront these charges. Your future and your freedom are on the line, but you have the right to fight back.

Common defenses to credit card fraud charges

Credit card fraud can take many different forms. While it is commonly associated with identity theft, credit card fraud essentially includes using the credit card information of another without their consent.

Facing charges of credit card fraud can leave you uncertain as to what to expect. In some cases, you may not anticipate the severity of the penalties you face or understand why you face credit card fraud charges in the first place. Examples of fraud are wide-ranging and can include:

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